Installing ADF on Server

My Tryst with ADF
Option#1 ADF on R12 Techstack
We can install ADF on top of R12. All we would have to do is install the ADF Libraries which are provided by Oracle in form of ADF Installers. Based on my analysis I believe that we would need to install ADF Installer available here in the Application server. Installation steps available in the README of the installer.
But if one already has SOA installed for e.g. SOA on the Application Server one can go with ADF

>> One saves on infrastructure and resources. One would be leveraging the Application Server of R12 instance.
>> Would allow one to explore the possibilities of building ADF application on top of R12.

>> One does not get the latest release, features and bug-fixes. And also one does not get to see whats the best ADF can do.
>> One might have to do some upgrades on Java, OC4J for installing ADF Libraries. I have seen post where people ran into issues.

Option#2 ADF 11g with WebLogic Server (Unix)
We would need a unix box where we can install the WebLogic Server first and then install ADF libraries on top of it. Complete download available here. Installation steps available here.

>> Latest release, features and bug-fixes. This is what the Oracle Fusion is built on and this option is the closest we can get to Fusion Techstack today.
>> Clean install without having to tweak any of our existing setups.

>> Completely new install, additional infrastructure and resources needed. If you want to explore the option of integrating ADF with Relase 12 eBusiness Suite this may not be a good option.
If you look at section on below url it shows steps on how one can install ADF from the installer zip file.

I read some where that the Server needs minimum 2 GB of ram if ADF needs to be installed on it. Finally got the link

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