MultiLingual Characters get garbled

I recently ran into a problem where French/Greek characters in my conversion extract file were getting garbled when I trasnferred the file into my unix box using WINSCP.After spending some serious time I figured out that it was an issue with my file encoding. I use editplus a super cool editor for my development purpose. So this is how I solved the problem.

1. Save the xls file into csv format.
2. Open the file in Editplus
3. Now from menu navigate to Document -->> Encoding and file Encoding

4. Set the File Encoding to UTF-8. (UTF8.JPG attached)
5. Transfer the file to Unix

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  1. I have problem in my intermec mobile device arabic characters from ORACLE GUI client were getting garbled.
    English is fine.
    In desktop GUI client arabic is ok.
    But in Mobile device it is garbled.
    I tried JVMs Prosyst and CreMe.
    Could anyone suggest solution?