Some common Layout and Formatting Standards on Oracle Report (XML Publisher/RDF/)

I was working on XML Publisher reports and was wondering if we have any place where we have all the standards that we should keep in mind while especially doing the Layouts. I could not find a good source and thought of listing out the points.

These were the points I could think of. FEEL FREE to ADD.

  • 1. The first page of report output must show the below information. This data should be printed even if the report does not generate any output.

a. Report Title

b. Report Date with Timestamp

c. Parameters to the report

  • 2. We should use consistent Font across all reports if no specific font is mentioned.

  • 3. Each page of the report should have page numbers in format Page x of y.

  • 4. The numbers, currencies and amounts should be properly justified with the necessary formats as per the e-Business Suite Standards. One should look at the standard application UI in case one has a doubt on how a value should be justified/formatted.

  • 5. All the Dates should be displayed in format (DD-MON-RRRR) if not stated otherwise explicitly in the report.

  • 6. Column Headings and other Boiler Plate fields should be exactly in sync with the template provided. For e.g. the alignment, Wrapping etc.

  • 7. Leading zeros should be given for number less than one e.g. 0.50

  • 8. Currency should be shown as the three-character ISO currency code e.g. USD to be used for $ and INR for Rs if not stated otherwise in the report.

  • 9. *****End of Report***** should appear on the last page of the report.

  • 10. *****No Data Found***** should appear if no data is fetched.

  • 11. Any error message that needs to shown to the user should be displayed on the Output file and the message text for the same should be confirmed with the respective BI Team.

  • We should print the display value instead of lookup code.

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