Running a java concurrent program from command line in Oracle e-business

If you have any java concurrent program that does not rely on  apps context related features.. There is a simple and easy way to run Oracle e-business java based concurrent programs from the command line.

java -Ddbcfile=<my_dbc_file > -Dreqeust.requestid=123456789 -Drequest.logfile=./myreq.log oracle.apps.fnd.cp.request.Run <concurrent_program_class>"TOKEN1=TOKEN1:TOKEN2=TOKEN2"

Let me explain:
  1. The parameter -Ddbcfile=<my_dbc_file > is the dbc file for your environment. This is usually located in $FND_TOP/secure
  2. Drequest.logfile represents the location of your log file. If you do not provide this value it would get defaulted.
  3.  <concurrent_program_classThis represents the underlying java class that you would implement for you java concurrent program. This needs to implement the interface JavaConcurrentProgram and also needs to provide a concrete implementation of the method: public void runProgram(CpContext pCpContext)
An example would be :
java -Ddbcfile=$FND_TOP/secure/env.dbc -Dreqeust.requestid=123456789 -Drequest.logfile=./myreq.log oracle.apps.fnd.cp.request.Run oracle.apps.xx.fax.XxFaxDocument "TOKEN1=./fax:TOKEN2=12345

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