Converting the PLD to PLL and PLX

Generally one would always work on a PLL when it comes to working on Custom PLL and compile it to PLX.

I personally feel that working on a text version allows one to work on the Custom PLL much faster and especially when converting the text format to executable is just two commands.

For e.g. if you have a .pld file you can convert it to .plx using the following two step process.

Converting PLD to PLL
frmcmp_batch Module=.pld Userid=apps/apps@MYDEVDB parse=yes Module_Type=LIBRARY

Converting PLL to PLX
frmcmp_batch Module=.pll Userid= apps/apps@MYDEVDB compile_all=yes Module_Type=LIBRARY

Converting PLL to PLD
If you already have something in PLL format and want to convert it to text

frmcmp_batch Module=.pll Userid= apps/apps@MYDEVDB Script=YES Module_Type=LIBRARY Output_File= .pld

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