RTF Template Labels get displayed as Junk Characters when generated as PDF

An RTF Layout Template includes the Greek/Turkish Symbol and is displayed correctly using Microsoft Word. Generating a PDF output causes these symbols to be converted in to inverted question mark '?'.

Thanks to Metalink I was able to figure out the root cause and solution. I have summarized what should be the fix for such issues.
These characters requires the Albany font files to be available within the Java Runtime
Environment (JRE). The question mark is an indication the that the XML Publisher generator
was not able to find the proper font file.

In Release12, Copy the ALB*.ttf font files to the $OA_JRE_TOP/lib/fonts and $AF_JRE_TOP/lib/fonts directory.

You can find the ALB*.ttf font files in the $FND_TOP/resource folder.

For me this file did the magic ALBANYWT.ttf

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