Oracle MSCA - Automatic Navigation after scanning

There might be an ocassional requirement to do an automatic navigation between pages after completing a scan on a mobile device while using Oracle MSCA(Mobile supply chain applications).

The way to do this is create a button and use a feature in Oracle MWA (through coding) to automatically enter the button on the page to navigate to the next page.

E.g in the ManifestPickingScreen user scans the Order Number. He is prompted to enter more order numbers and then hit done when he is finished.
My requirement is to automatically hit done when the user finishes scanning the first order number.

There is a hidden way to do this in Oracle MSCA. The first step is to identify the button which needs to be entered as part of the navigation. Then use the code below:

        else if(fldName.equals("MPFL.ORDER"))
            if(!orderValidationFailed) {
               ses.putObject(MWALib.AUTO_ENTER, Boolean.TRUE);               
            else {

This code needs to be written in the event Listener and on action of the given field.

This is especially useful when you write custom code/ extensions.

Very often if this has to be done without displaying the physical button on the page. To achieve this you need to:

1. Create a button and keep it hidden
2. Write code in fieldExited of the scanned field controller to display the button and use the technique above.

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