Enabling Disabling Concurrent Program parameters

Step-by-Step: Enabling/disabling concurrent program parameters dyncamically

Find out how to enable/disable concurrent program parameters conditionally/dynamically.
by Arun Sista
This article is a simple step by step guide on controlling concurrent program parameters by enabling/disabling them based on values in other parameters. This article is for use of anyone who wishes to develop a new concurrent program/modify an existing one and wants to introduce new behavior to concurrent program parameters.

Background / Overview

I decided to write this based on some of my experience at Oracle where I had to research this fairly simple programming technique and given the lack of documentation ended up spending a fair bit of time on it initially.
This article contains a detailed explanation in text as well as an audio visual with a demo on the topic.


Let us assume that we are trying to create a concurrent program X_CUSTOM_TEST_CONC_PROGRAM that has 3 parameters.
The first parameter is called Requisition Type and the values are controlled by a pre-defined value set by the name PO_SRS_REQUISITION_TYPE. The values in this parameter can be INTERNAL/PURCHASE.
The second parameter is called Inventory Organization and is dependent on Requisition Type and would be enabled if the value in Requisition Type is ‘INTERNAL’
The third parameter is called Supplier and is dependent on Requisition Type and would be enabled if the value of the Requisition Type is ‘PURCHASE’
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