Oracle MSCA - Function Keys on Windows Mobile

Oracle MSCA - Function Keys on Windows Mobile

One of the projects that I was involved in used Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Applications along with Intermec Scanners.
We had a situation where the Function keys were not working in Oracle MSCA on the Intermec scanners which were built on the Windows Mobile Platform. The problem stems out of the fact that Windows mobile doesn't pass the Function keys back to Oracle MSCA(Mobile Supply Chain Applications ). This was causing the function keys to be made dysfunctional in Oracle MSCA(Mobile Supply Chain Applications ).

The workaround is to remap some of the shortcut keys in MWA and then map the remapped shortcuts to Function keys in intermec (this will be done by your device manufacturer. Contact them for support). 

The following shortcuts functions were made unavailable to the default functions in the process and their shortcuts were remapped to the functionality provided by function keys:  
Invoke Device – CONTROLP

Seeded mappings:

New configuration: 
Help-CONTROLQ->F1 ( you can use F1 and CONTROLQ on on the scanner and CONTROLQ in the emulator )
Main Menu - > CONTROLN->F2 ( you can use F2 and CONTROLN on the scanner and CONTROLN in the emulator)
Back-CONTROLE->F3 ( you can use F3 and CONTROLE on the scanner and CONTROLE in the emulator)
Forward-CONTROLP->F4 ( you can use F4 and CONTROLP on the scanner and CONTROLP in the emulator)

Effectively this remapping would result in the function keys send out the mapped shortcut key combination.i.e 
F1 would send out CONTROLQ instead of F1 .
F2 would send out CONTROLX
F3 would send out CONTROLE
F4 would send out CONTROLP

 To summarize this is a 2 step process:
1. Re-Map the shortcuts in Oracle MSCA. This is done in the gui_key.ini
2. Re-map the function keys on the bar code scanner/ intermect unit through a CAB file provided by Intermec Support

This is a workaround but is totally acceptable the the end users.

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